Costa Farms Live Indoor 14in. Tall Green Janet Craig; Bright, Indirect Light Plant in 6in. Grower Pot


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Compact, leafy Janet Craig Dracaena adds beautiful living decor anywhere in your home. Janet Craig is one of the easiest-care plants. It can grow in low light and helps purify indoor air. If you are looking for a beautiful plant that is easy to grow, Janet Craig adds decorative live elegance to your home. It has a compact growth and develops a cluster of dark green leaves. Plus, it comes in an attractive pot—ready to decorate your home right out of the box. It’s an ideal choice for a windowsill, bookshelf, or end table in any room. Dracaenas hail from several tropical areas of the world, but most are native to Africa. They grow in low light, but can also thrive in brighter spots. Easy care: needs little water, no pruning Janet Craig is so easy to care for! Water only when the surface of the soil feels dry. Janet Craig has a thick cluster of dark green leaves that don’t need pruning or fussing with. Occasionally wipe leaves with a moist cloth to remove dust and keep them shiny. HOUSE PLANTS REMOVE TOXINS FROM THE INDOOR AIR: NASAs Clean Air Study concluded that houseplants, such as Janet Craig promote better air quality in your home. The study by NASA found that houseplants actively clean the air. Here is a tip: NASA researchers recommend at least one houseplant for every 100 square feet to improve the air quality in your home. CARE FOR YOUR JANET CRAIG IS EASY: Light: Grow Janet Craig in bright, indirect light. Some plants may burn if placed in direct sunlight. Water: Janet Craig likes to be watered once a week with about 1 cup. The frequency of watering may change depending on your plant’s pot size, how much light it gets, and the temperature of the environment. Feeding: Use a 20-20-20 houseplant food at half strength once a month during spring and summer. Pruning/Shaping: Cut back any yellowing or dying leaves. Trim erratic growth to keep plant in a good shape. Repotting: Repot your plants when they becomes root bound. (A houseplant is root bound when roots appear in the soil or begin to escape through drain holes in the pot bottom.) Never repot houseplants using soil from your yard. Outdoor Options: In summer, plants can be grown outdoors in a high light (but not full outdoor sun) location. Bring plants inside before frost. PLANT SAFETY: Costa Farms plants is not intended for human or animal consumption. Keep this plant out of reach of children and pets.
  • Height at shipping is approximately 14-inches tall, measured from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant. Ships in a 6-inch diameter grower pot.
  • Easy. Just set it in medium light and enjoy this leafy houseplant right out the box.
  • Water when the soil feels dry. Don’t allow to sit in wet soil.
  • Air-purifying. Plants help filter harmful pollutants, such as benzene and formaldehyde, from indoor air.


Country of Origin – Textiles


USDA Hardiness Zone





6 in

Price Per Unit UOM


Color Category


Multipack Quantity







Grower Pot

Minimum Temperature

60 ºF


Costa Farms


0 V

Maximum Weight

2.2 lb



Piece Count


PPU Quantity of Units

1.0000 Each

Count Per Pack


Plant Features

low maintenance

Product Name

Costa Farms Live Indoor 14in. Tall Green Janet Craig; Bright, Indirect Light Plant in 6in. Grower Pot

Recommended Location

Indoor and Outdoor





Manufacturer Part Number


Plant Container




Plant Category

Janet Craig

Coverage Area

1 sq ft

Flow Rate

0 gpm


Solid Print


Costa Farms


0 W

Plant Height


Age Group


Recommended Use


Cleaning, Care & Maintenance

Bright, Indirect Light; Water 1 Cup once a week


Grower Pot



Light Needs

partial sun

Home Decor Style

Asian | Bohemian | Cabin | Casual | Classic | Coastal | Contemporary | Cottage | Country | Farmhouse | French | Glam | Global | Lodge | Luxury | Mid-Century | Mission | Modern | Modern Farmhouse | Moroccan | Natural | Retro | Scandinavian | Southwestern | Traditional | Victorian | Vintage

Assembled Product Weight

2.2 lb

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

8.00 x 8.00 x 14.00 Inches

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Costa Farms Live Indoor 14in. Tall Green Janet Craig; Bright, Indirect Light Plant in 6in. Grower Pot